Q: How many Hours is a full dayin the studio?

A: Full day in the studio is 8 hours. Usually between 8am-6pm - 30 min grace period for pack up before 6pm.

Q: Is there a grace period on houlry rentals?

A: Yes, you can arrive 15mins prior to your rental time and you have 15mins to pack up after your time is up.

Q: DO we get charged if we go overtime?

A: Yes, any over time will be billed at $75 an hour between 8am-8pm. Any over time past 8pm that is not scheduled in advanced, will be charged at $150 per hour.

Q: Is photo Equipment included?

A: No, photo equipment is not included with the studio rental. We have kits or all access packages available. Rentals

Q: DO you offer ASsistance with lighting?

A: When you rent equipment we are happy to give you a basic breakdown of how the lights work. If you need more help we can recommend photo assistants or grip.  $250-500 for the day.

Q: Do you have video lighting?

A: We do not have video lighting equipment on site. We do have 3 skylights that light the space. 

Q: Is there anything we can't shoot in the studio?

A: The following need pre-approval before the shoot date.

Liquids, paint, fire, smoke, fog, loud special effects, animals. 

Q: How can I have an event at FLash Monkey?

A: We love events! Get into contact with our team for a quote! CONTACT